MEC is a world leader in the development and production of machines, systems and automatic solutions for splitting, cutting and crushing of stone and concrete.

Today MEC equipment is found in more than 60 counties around the world producing a number of different products. Among them you will find C-frame machines for splitting of irregular stones, H-frame machines for splitting sawn and at materials, thin veneer saws, material moving systems for easier handling of material and automatic solutions for the highest in system productivity. MEC is dedicated to the idea that scrap is not a reasonable option. With this in mind, all production equipment can be combined with different handling systems and crushing equipment of different sizes thereby adding more value to the non spec products. MEC is committed to producing equipment that meets or exceeds customer needs. This starts with the basics, in excellent machine design. Added to exceptional design is attention to customer speciFIc production requirements and finally, the after-sale help, anywhere in the world, is nearly instantaneous.